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The What and Why

I grew up on a farm in central New York called Gardengale. This small bit of farmland, woods, and wetlands has been the home of my family for several generations.

The original plan for this web page was to share the story and pictures of the restoration of my fathers John Deere Model B. The story of “Bernie’s B” is here, but as happens many times, the plan has changed and expanded. I hope you will look around and enjoy the story of Bernie's B and the others presented on the site.

The Farm

There is much I don’t know about the history of the family farm. The land was cleared and the farm established long before I was born. However, here is a little that I think I know. My grandfather Thomas got it from a family member and my father Bernard bought it from him. The total acreage is 96, 72 of those could be worked to produce crops. My father worked the land and produced milk to support us. Thus, in my time, crops of corn, oats, and hay were produced to support the herd. Wheat was grown to produce a little spending money, but I remember growing rye and red kidney beans one year. I’ve heard many stories from dad and grandpa of growing tobacco, potatoes, and cabbage on the place. There were dozens of apple trees of various varieties that I climbed and played in that sadly now are gone. Only one old spy apple tree remains today. Both the original barn and house were destroyed by fire. The current house dates from the late 1800s. The barn was built by Grandpa Tommy Gardner around 1915 after fire destroyed the previous one.

The Family Galleries

Family was a big part of life growing up. Both the Curtis and Gardner families got together for holidays, birthdays and family reunions several times a year. We were lucky that all of the brothers, sisters and first cousins lived close by. What I’m hoping to do is to share old family photos with those that have moved so far away. These galleries are for my aunts, uncles and cousins that are tied to the Gardner and Curtis clans.


Gardner Family History

Thanks to a great deal of hard work by Dann Gardner and data supplied by Gary Gardner, myself and others we now have very good data on our family tree. In fact, Dann has gathered 18 generations worth of family heritage information. This includes the latest addition Dann’s grand son, Corbin. This is truly a remarkable document that will enjoyed by all of the family members. It is in Adobe Acrobat format, so just click on the link, “Descendants of Thomas Gardiner” and download the file. Here is a brief summary Dann wrote, “The Oldest person goes back to 1449 in England. It appears that somewhere the “i “was dropped in “Gardiner.” The lineage came over in 1637. That persons’ wife and 6 year old son died during the crossing and were buried in the Atlantic. He was married twice more and was still having children into his seventies. There is some confusion in the records of his multiple families and needs some more research, maybe after I retire. Quite a few generations grew up in Rhode Island. I did get some more data on the Steele family and put in Henrys family. I have most of Hank and Karens’ grand children and great grand children now. “ Dann also sent a calendar of Gardner Birthdays and Anniversaries, just kick on the link and download the Acrobat file. If you enjoy these files, send your thanks to Dann for all his work.

Bernie's B
A short history of this old farm tractor was written on the John Deere B story page. Or look through the picture galleries listed above. I've used digital photos to document the before, during and after restoration story.

NYS Two Cylinder Expo 2003
This was a day full of fun and surprises. It was the first time I've attended a show like this. Walking around with a friend I saw a lot of tractors and machines that I liked. So I took pictures, lots of pictures. But something I didn't take was notes. So what I am presenting here is just “eye candy,” for those that like antique John Deere tractors and implements. I hope somebody enjoys looking at them besides me!


Central New York 2 Cylinder Club Plow Day on the old Gardengale Farm October 3, 2004

After spending the night at the old homestead, I was reading the Sunday paper in the living room when I heard a faint but familiar sound of Old John Deere. My wife couldn’t hear it, but I knew the sound. I looked up the road and there was my old class mate Lenny Gardner on a model A and his father Stanley with a model 60 heading for the corn stubble ground behind the house. They were the first of many. When club was fully assembled, there were 24 old John Deere tractors and great group of people gathered to have a plow day. I didn’t have my good camera but Chris bought a single use camera so we could record a few pictures. Hope you enjoy them.





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