The Model H was purchased in an ebay auction on September 7 of 2004. Although advertised as a 1941 the serial number 39,344, tells me it is a 1942 model. Bill Weir was the original owner. The second owner sold it on ebay. The tractor would run when I bought it. We drove on and off the trailer with ease. Having it running was a big plus in my book as it allowed me to get familiar with tractor and find out what was needed to be fixed mechanically. The first long test run resulted in me running it out of gas, and having an electrical fire. Both were rather exciting events that added to the history of this little tractor. After rewiring the charred lines from the generator, rebuilding the carburetor and cleaning and sealing the fuel tanks, I started testing the tractor again. It ran pretty good. I worked it a day a friends house dragging a junked pickup truck and other stuff to a collection pile. It ran great and impressed me with its pulling power and guts. I like a tractor that will work and the “H” is a worker and worthy of being restored. More on this story as it develops. Take a look at the pictures I took of it in the "Before" gallery.